Monday, November 9, 2015


Artist Rona Green has curated an exchange portfolio/exhibition of prints. Comprising of 47 artists, the theme of the exhibition is anything magical, which opens up an horizon of possibilities. The details of the exhibition are as follows with an example of the print I'm submitting.

I've made a few prints which feature the figure amongst the clouds because I think the feeling of being in the air is uplifting, which coincidently is the title of my print.

A number of years ago I saw the documentary Man on Wire, about Philippe Petit and his amazing wire walk between the Twin Towers in New York in 1974. The film was shown in Melbourne at the Como cinema and Petit attended the screening. Of course I got his autograph, but the images of him on that tight rope has continually inspired me into making images of being amongst the clouds.

Uplift, 2015, hand coloured linocut, 19 x 19 cm

Philippe Petit walking between the Twin Towers