Saturday, January 21, 2017

Unknowing the Real

At the moment I have an exhibition of my work at the Warrnambool Art Gallery, titled UNKNOWING THE REAL, and the other day I gave a floor talk about the work in the show. My partner, Deborah Klein, took these shots on the night, which is now a nice memory to keep. One thing I liked was that the work was spotlit, which is different to many exhibitions where the room is essentially of a more uniform light. It was a small but intimate crowd, but their attention and interest was something I greatly appreciated.

Click on images to enlarge.

Introducing the exhibition, and a work comprising seven balsa wood models

 Missing (left) and Another View


 Looking at a set of small works

 Easel Picture and a viewer

 Untitled #104 or, me and my shadow

 Threshold (left)  Untitled #104


Towards the end of the floor talk

 Overview of the exhibition

 Acting director, Murray Bowes, introducing me.