Friday, June 7, 2013

Emil Orlik

I recently attended a concert at the Hamer Hall featuring music from the Wiemar republic. It was the brainchild of Barry Humphries to present music from that era, not only because he loved it from a very young age, but also because he felt that some composers from that time remain under valued today. His selection of music was accompanied with historical references and anecdotes, and the wonderful Humpheries' wit and humour. The music was performed by The Australian Chamber Orchestra and cabaret singer Meow Meow, and as expected, they were brilliant!

When I was looking over the programme I came across some portrait images and discovered a fantastic, but to me, unknown German artist, Emil Orlik. Here are some examples of his work. He was very popular in his time but, as so often happens to brilliant artists, his star faded after his death. But his reputation is on the rise again. 

He was a great printmaker, draughtsman and painter and was inspired by prints from Japan and British artist William Nicholson. Here is a link to his printmaking achievements 

I hope you enjoy this artist's work.