Friday, September 23, 2011

Saatchi at the Art Gallery of South Australia

Recently I visited the Art Gallery of South Australia to see the Saatchi collection. I didn't expect to see much work that was inspiring but I was surprised. The paintings were a little disappointing, even incompetent, except for a few works, but some of the installations were engaging. Even if you see a handful of works that are good it makes it worth while. I haven't heard of most of these names because they are the new wave of artists Saatchi is collecting. Here are some examples of what was in the gallery.

From top - 

Jonathan Wateridge
Jungle Scene With Plane, 2007, oil on canvas 

Ged Quinn
The Fall, 2006, oil on linen

Craig Little and Blake Whitehead
It Happened in the Corner, 2007, plaster, wax, foam, hair, clothes

Des Hughes
Endless Endless, 2010, polyester resin, iron powder, fibreglass, plastic wood.

Artist talks at Maroondah Art Gallery

During my recent self portrait exhibition at Maroondah Art Gallery I gave a few talks, which I enjoyed very much. Some young art students from Sacre Coeur College came along one afternoon. I happened to have a painting in progress in the car so I talked to them about how I do a painting and showed them a few technical procedures. This was a coincidence because I had no intention of doing this, it was just that I had been painting outdoors and I went straight to the gallery from the site. At my other talk, most of the people were artists who had come over from their life class. I always appreciate it when people come along to any artist talk because it's like sharing knowledge and ideas with like minded spirits. Thankyou Wendy Garden for taking the photos.