Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Portrait of Paul Compton

This is another portrait in an ongoing series of profile portraits of artists, and Paul Compton was the terrific sitter. The session lasted about 3-4 hours and was done in charcoal on grey paper with touches of white pastel.

Portrait of Paul Compton, 2016, charcoal and white pastel, 47.5 x 35.25 cm

Sunday, March 19, 2017

White Horses and the Night

These two paintings are an extension of my horse racing series and the moonlight series. Although these scenes could occur in real life, the aim is to create a mood rather than a horse in the landscape. 

The Still of the Night, 2016, oil on linen, 35.5 x 41 cm

Flight, 2016, oil on MDF, 29.5 x 36.25 cm

Monday, March 6, 2017

Arthur Streeton Prints

Last week at the Queenscliff Gallery and Workshop, an exhibition of Arthur Streeton prints was introduced to the public. I had no idea that that he had created any prints at all, but last year, William Streeton, the grandson of the artist, called in to the gallery with some plates under his arm which turned out to be the work of Arthur Streeton. They had not been preserved well so there was a question over whether they could be printed with satisfactory results. He presented them to Theo and Soula Mantalvanos, who run the gallery, and this exhibition is the result of this historic meeting and Theo's brilliance as a printer.

Photo credits - Deborah Klein

Some of the Streeton prints on view.

One of my favourite etchings 

Looking at the work of Joel Wolter, artist in residence 
during the Streeton exhibition.

 Theo and Should Mantalvanos opening the exhibition with Marguerite Brown.

 Marguerite Brown, General Manger of the Print Council of Australia, 
adding some insights to the Streeton exhibition.

 Taking advantage of the Queenscliff weather, Deborah and 
I took a stroll along the beach.

Deborah's pet name drawn with a wonderful feather 
found amongst the seaweed.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Portrait of Peter Wegner

Last year Peter Wegner and I agree to draw each other and this is my version of him, I was going to say sitting, but he actually stood for his portrait. It's a charcoal drawing with touches of white pastel. I don't fix these drawings because I've found that if you use a white pastel with the charcoal, the white darkens when the drawing is fixed. 

Peter is yet to draw me!

Portrait of Peter Wegner, 2016, charcoal and white pastel, 68.5 x 46.75 cm