Wednesday, June 17, 2015

At the Art Gallery of Ballarat

At the moment I have two paintings in an exhibition at the Art Gallery of Ballarat. All the works in the exhibition reference Ballarat locations, from backyards to panoramic views of the town.

The painting left of me is Long Shadows at Ballarat Turf Club, and the other is Ballarat Turf Club Racecourse. Both works were done at the course over about 15 sittings. The one with the long shadows was painted in the morning inside the tall stewards' tower, and the other is an afternoon picture viewed from the grandstand. The two paintings together show views from opposite sides of the racecourse so I worked on them at the same time, merely shifting around to follow the angle of the sun. Some of the smaller details like the running rail and some fences were done in the studio

The other artists' works in the exhibition are are follows -

Marlene Gilson
Mark Fox
Jan Senbergs
Garry Anderson
Edward Coleridge
Rob Whitson
Stephen Pleban
Dale Cox
Lars Stenberg
Phil Berry

Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Choir

The Choir, 2015, linocut, 48 x 61 cm

This is my latest linocut and the various stages of its development, from the initial pencil drawing on the lino to the finished print on paper. The subject of this image is the sound of human voices so it's really about portraying something that's invisible. I also liked the idea of the contrast between active voices and the single person that has stopped singing to look out of the picture at, what?