Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Berlin Wall

Here are some images of the Berlin Wall. The history of the wall is expansive and poignant so it's best to investigate this on other sites. As you know, the wall divided the German people for years until it was torn down in 1989. There is not much left of it in Berlin, only a few kilometres spread here and there throughout the city. The above images have remained for public viewing and are good examples of how people throughout the world left messages which addressed the political and psychological tensions during that time but also messages of hope for an eventual unified nation. There is a section of the wall in another part of Berlin that has been preserved as it was before it was demolished and it can be seen from across the street on a viewing platform. Another remnant called the Wall of Shame is located in a different area of Berlin, so when someone asks for the location of the Berlin Wall, what  section of it is the other question that needs to be asked.