Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Sketchbook at the VCA

On a recent  post I mentioned The Sketchbook Project, a project created by the Brooklyn Art Library, New York, where anyone can sign up, create a sketchbook and have it tour throughout the USA. Amazingly, the Brooklyn Art Library decided to visit Australia and show off the thousands of sketchbooks from Australian and New Zealand artists. The Victorian College of the Arts hosted the occasion and it was interesting to see just how the public is able to access the books. 

My partner Deborah Klein and I looking over each other's sketchbooks. 

A page from Deborah's book, on the left, and a page from mine.

Registering for a library card. This card can now be used anywhere in the world where The Sketchbook Project is touring.

The two young American Librarians, who were so friendly and helpful, but were handicapped by a computer system that habitually stopped working. 

Deborah outside the Victorian College of the Arts building with The Sketchbook Project sign at the door.