Friday, March 7, 2014

Johnny Ghost

Johnny ghost has just been released on DVD. The subheading for the film is "The past is inside you every day of your life', and that's a good way to describe the story - a film about being haunted by one's memories.

I just had to get the autographs of the main people involved in the making of the film, as you can see on the top image -  Donna McRae is the writer, director and producer. Michael Vale the production designer, Anni Finsterer the main actor, the director of photography is Laszlo Baranyai and Dave Graney and Clare Moore composed the music. Deborah Klein and I had a small roll - as a couple having an argument in the background.

I love black and white films, they're both real and dream-like at the same time. Donna gave a screening at ACMI recently and during the Q&A Michael pointed out that the black and white was shot in colour first and then altered afterwards. There were many insights and techniques discussed and I'm always amazed at what it takes to make a film. It would have to be one of the most complex art forms there is.