Friday, May 23, 2014

A Recent Time in the UK

Lee Miller and Roland Penrose

Deborah Klein and I recently returned from a trip to the UK. One of the most inspiring days spent there was a trip to Farley Farm House, courtesy of Barbara Britton and Sue Verney. This was the house and property that was home to Surrealist artist Roland Penrose and his wife, photographer, Lee Miller. Many famous artists visited the property over the years, notably, Picasso, Max Ernst and Man Ray, to name a few.

A guided tour is the only way you can see inside the house, and what a fabulous house it is. Pretty much how it was when they lived there, the walls are covered with art, mainly by Roland, but artworks from the many artists who stayed for a time can also be seen throughout. The fire place is a remarkable art work too, decorated by Roland with great colours and nooks and crannies which provide spaces for ceramic pots and figures.

The grounds, as I think you would agree from the photos below, look magnificent under the sunny sky. The whole place had such a good feeling to it, but an extra treat was talking to Antony Penrose, son of Roland and Lee. He lives down the road to the property but his presence is of course always at Farley Farm House. He saw a great deal of Picasso when he was a child and he told us an amusing story. Resuming school after the holidays there was a show and tell. He mentioned that the family went to Cannes and when asked what he did there he told the class he went to see Picasso! The teacher was understandably gob smacked but as Antony told us, he presumed everyone did!

Since no photography is allowed in the house, it might be a good idea to click on the link to find out more information about it. HERE 

You might also like to check the websites of Lee Miller and Roland Penrose

View of Farley Farm House

View of Farley Farm House

Inspecting the garden

A sculpture in the grounds

A sculpture in the grounds

Deborah Klein at Farley Farm

Barbara Britton, me and Sue Verney standing alongside one of Antony Penrose's sculptures