Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Flinders Contemporary

Deborah Klein and I payed a visit to the coastal region of Flinders, along the Mornington Peninsula. A new gallery has just opened there called Flinders Contemporary, and one of my works is on show, marking the first exhibition for the gallery. Some of the other artists represented in the exhibition are David Aspden, Godfrey Miller, James Gleeson, Roger Kemp, David Rankin, Michael Shannon, Guy Stuart, Min Woo Bang, Liz Coats, Henryk Szydlowski, Steve Harris, Alison Coulthurst, Ken Blum and Natasha Barnes. 

The area has a strong presence of thoroughbred racehorses, wineries and the Point Leo Sculpture Park, and of course, great views of the sea.

In front of Flinders Contemporary

Grey Day at the Races, the work of mine on display.