Wednesday, September 30, 2020

THE DOOR and other uncanny tales

THE DOOR and other uncanny tales has finally been released. Stories of the supernatural and horror have been authored by Dmetri Kakmi in a volume containing six titles - The Door, A Boy by the Gate, In the Dark, The Long Lonely Road, The Light in Her Eyes and Haunting Matilda. Some works have been published before, but to have them collected into one volume is having a library at your fingertips.

THE DOOR means a lot to me since my painting inspired Dmetri's story. A night of good food and talk came to an end and when Dmetri was leaving he made the remark, 'what if a face actually appeared through the painted window of the painted door'. What came from that thought is told in the tale.

The publication is by A NineStar Press Publication.

The painting, titled Entrance, now sits in the
 cinema room. Here it has Dmetri's book 
on the chair. Photographed by Deborah Klein.

You can see my refection in the door handle, painting this piece.