Monday, January 25, 2021

Spring Light


Spring Light, 2020, oil on linen,  66.5 x 66.5 cm

This is another painting done en plain air. My favourite viewpoint is from a high perspective so having access to locations like this is amazing. It's from Mount Warrenheip, near Ballarat, and within a 2 kilometre radius there are so many possibilities for paintings that I could paint there for years. I think I'm remembering correctly that Cezanne said when he was paintings Mount St.Victoire, all he had to do was shift his head a little to the right or left and he would have a new motif to paint.  

The scene is different to reality. The dam in the foreground is not there and the roll of the landscape is not accurate either. But that's what realism is, to make people believe that what you paint is actually there, even when it's not.