Saturday, May 29, 2021


Ablaze, 2021, oil on linen, 45 x 35 cm

Sometimes a finished painting can be the inspiration for another one, and this work is an example. The Burning, pictured two posts down, gave me the idea for this painting. Actually it gave me the beginning of an idea, because as I worked on it I changed my initial image drastically. It was to be similar to The Burning, but with the addition of rain. Not long into the painting, I decided that the whole concept was overdone and so I began to simplify things as I applied the paint. Firstly, I decided to eliminate as much detail as I could and decisions about composition suggested themselves to me along the way. I ended up with this minimalist landscape but I liked it for what it had become and decided not to take it any further. The addition of rain will perhaps be for another painting with fire.