Saturday, September 2, 2017

Drawing Gordon Morrison

This is another drawing that will ultimately form a series of profile portraits of people in the Arts. Gordon Morrison is currently the director of the Art Gallery of Ballarat but he will retire in 2018. Gordon has always had a respect for painting and drawing and he will be missed by the many artists who reflect similar values. Under Gordon's leadership, the gallery has seen fantastic exhibitions for many years and hopefully his legacy will continue into the future. 

This sitting was about two and a half hours, and it was done on grey paper so I could take advantage of the beard, which asked to be rendered with white pastel. Sometimes the addition of white on darker paper gives a drawing a different look than if it was done on white paper. One approach is not necessarily better than the other, it's simply another way to approach a portrait drawing.

Drawing Gordon

Portrait of Gordon Morrison, 2017, charcoal and white pastel 
on grey paper, 42 x 28.25 cm