Thursday, October 26, 2017

Judging at the Royal Melbourne Show

This year's Royal Melbourne Show was a new experience for me because I was asked to judge some of the art on display, along with my partner, Deborah Klein. We judged the prints, paintings and mixed media sections, and as a guess, we probably looked over 70 works. This might not sound like a large number, but we had to grade and comment on every single entry. It was a tough day, but also a pleasure, especially since we had two excellent assistants, Helen and Catherine. Another pleasure was the great lunch that was put on for all the workers in our building - you were certainly made to feel at home. Both Deborah and I are looking forward to next year when we'll come back and do it all again.  

Photo credit - Deborah Klein and Jill Kellett

Me looking at the Prints section.

 Some of the paintings on display.

 Deborah in deep thought about the work.

 With Catherine (Standing) and Helen, our two great voluntary assistants.

What a big lunch!

From left - Gracia Huby, Romona Barry whom is in charge of the 
Arts and Craft section, me, Deborah Klein and Louise Jennison. 
Gracia and Louise will also be judges next year. The pigs are fakes!