Sunday, April 28, 2024

One Hundred Faces

Every year Trudy McLauchlan curates an exhibition of regional artists, but what's unique about this exhibition is that each painting has to be a face and each artwork has to measure 10.3 x10.3 cm.

Trudy has a shop in Talbot, Victoria, called Playing in the Attic and her shop window provides a 24 hour viewing experience.

Initially I was going to try painting a geisha but changed my mind as I wanted something a bit more dramatic.


Kabuki Actor, 2024, oil on MDF, 10.3 x10.3 cm

One hundred paintings of faces in the shop window of Playing in the Attic

The whole viewing experience

Some of the artists in the exhibition from left - 
Loris Button, myself, Deborah Klein and Tiffany Titshall