Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Watch This

WATCH THIS is a theatre company that my partner, Deborah Klein, and I are patrons. Modest patrons, but patrons nevertheless. Recently we had a fund raiser for the next production, which is in 2025, but is still a secret at this time. It will be a Stephen Sondheim musical because it's only his musicals that WATCH THIS performs.

It was a fun night, with Nick Simpson-Deeks as MC, not only is he one of the star performers of WATCH THIS but a major talent in Australian musical theatre. His MC duties were hosting a quiz show about things relating to Sondheim and his musicals. Tough questions were mixed with easier ones but it was a testing evening just the same. There were about 10 teams of various numbers and our team ended around the middle of the field so to speak.

Nick Simpson-Deeks designed the screen shot silhouette of Sondheim and also devised what questions we would be asked.

Nick getting the audience into the spirit of the evening.

The Co-Directors of WATCH THIS, Dean Dreiberg and Melanie Hillman

Our team, from left - Phillip, Myself, Deborah Klein and Stephan McLauchlan. In the centre is Sonya Suares, founder of WATCH THIS. What a legacy Sonya has created, a may this wonderful theatre company continue for a long time into the future. Sonya was in a rival team but there was so much merriment and wit, it was like a theatrical event! 

All photos were by Deborah Klein except the last one which I can't recall who took it.